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July 7, 2022



Travel through Hyperbolica, a true Non-Euclidean curved space like you've never experienced before.

Hyperbolic space allows more volume to fit in the same 'space' than you'd expect. This allows you to explore enormous areas while taking very little time to walk anywhere. Building a mental map of your surroundings becomes impossible. Straight lines don't stay parallel. Traversing the map can result in unexpected rotations. And many more strange consequences that make you question reality. You'll also explore spherical space, which has opposite effects. For example, a reverse-perspective: Objects appear larger the farther away they are.

It's difficult to explain, and first-hand experience is the best way to understand and build intuition about these interesting geometries. Hyperbolica was created specifically for this purpose, to break the mold and to have a fun experience in an alternative universe different from our own.

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July 24, 2022


Experiencing hyperbolic space in VR is absolutely amazing. In Hyperbolica you walk around in a surprisingly large world and explore all the strange features of it through many quests. You can walk around in a maze and constantly lose your orientation. Or fly a drone and explore this world in three dimensions. Or talk to all the residents of Hyperbolica and help them. There's just so much to do. The graphics (and the humor) is similar to "Vacation Simulator", really good and cute. Moving around can be a bit nauseating, but as long as you walk in the direction you are looking it's fine. It would be really cool, if you could build stuff yourself (maybe with a 3D paintbrush), though I haven't even explored everything. All in all it's an incredible and very unique game for a very low price.

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