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July 23, 2021


IVFSimPro by ARworks

IVF SIM PRO is the world’s first interactive IVF training in Virtual Reality.
Put on your Oculus Quest headset, grab the 2 handheld controllers, and find yourself in a virtual, 3D, IVF laboratory settings. Here you can take a look around and can get acquainted with the parts and functionality of the specific microscope. After that, choose between a guided and non-guided training options and perform a full-fledged ICSI and biopsy procedure.
In the guided training option, you have to follow along instructions to complete certain tasks. When you get more confident, you can complete the tasks again and again without instructions.
The functions of the micromanipulators of the microscope are fully adapted to the 2 handheld controllers of the VR headset, thus providing a really immersive and hyper realistic experience.
Highly advised to all medical students working in this field - or even for enthusiastic amateurs.

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