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November 1, 2021



The goal is to create a dreamland that allows players to enter the game characters, selectively implant emotional seeds, and then harvest the energy of the dream, and finally turn the dream into reality, allowing the player to experience the game, mentally and in the game A VR game where the player characters grow together。

The background of the game is set in the virtual dream created by the player wearing the VR headset

In this dream world, there are many trees of hope that have been cut down and destroyed, which is the dream that the owner of this dream has once had.

In this dream world, a new seed of hope appears, players need to plant this seed to help and protect its growth.

In the game, you can explore the dreams of other game characters.

Can drive the spacecraft to sail in the subconscious mind, collect, fight, and implant hope.

You can interact with the environment and residents in your dreams.
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December 17, 2021


Dear friends, I am the developer of this game, which was developed by me and my fellow painters. It is very difficult to develop the game in China, because you will encounter denials from this country, from society, and from family. But as always, we came to Facebook and came to oculus, and through layers of technical assessments, we completed the initial demo of this game. The game is now 5% complete. We hope to finish this game. I will review the comments of other players. To get answers to improve the game, I will seriously answer every comment from players from other parts of the world!