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November 1, 2021



This is an immersive music experience that you can try for just $10. This game is simple and easy to play. It is suitable for everyone who is new to virtual reality and has no gaming habits. It is suitable for everyone over the age of 13. If you yearn for freedom and are interested in virtual reality, or want to pick a game as a gift for a friend who is new to virtual reality, you can try this game.

How to play:
This is a dream world where you can touch the stars, fly in the sky, use musical instruments, interact with wonderful creatures, and cooperate with each other. Listen to your favorite music and let out your restless emotions. This is a game designed for people who long for freedom. It has no punishment mechanism and encourages you to explore the world.

In this dream world, many trees of hope have been cut down and destroyed, which was the dream of the owner of this dream.
In this dream world, a new seed of hope appears, and players need to plant this seed to help and protect its growth.
In the current game, you explore the conscious world of a frustrated child.
In the world of consciousness, you will encounter the bread cloud, which is the perceptual and positive thought of the child, and you will also encounter the octopus cloud, which represents the child, which is rational and conservative rationality. Rational thinking will continue to devour perceptual thinking, and you can change the world of consciousness through the sound of the drum in your hand.

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December 17, 2021


Dear friends, I am the developer of this game, which was developed by me and my fellow painters. It is very difficult to develop the game in China, because you will encounter denials from this country, from society, and from family. But as always, we came to Facebook and came to oculus, and through layers of technical assessments, we completed the initial demo of this game. The game is now 5% complete. We hope to finish this game. I will review the comments of other players. To get answers to improve the game, I will seriously answer every comment from players from other parts of the world!

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