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May 3, 2022


Skill Prepare VR

Math World VR combines fun games with simple math to exercise the brain! This STEM Accredited VR game consists of 12 fun mini-games for all ages to enjoy! Who said brain exercise can't be fun?

*Axe Throwing
*Bow & Arrow
*Basketball Free Throw
*Punch The Plates
*Number Slicer
*Baseball Throw
*Target Marksman
*Carnival Darts
*Frisbee Toss
*Multiples Paintball

Each mini game in Math World VR combines simple math that adds a fun challenge. Whether it's axe throwing, even/odds with throwing darts at balloons, or shooting a bow and arrow at the correct answer for the equation, you'll have countless hours of fun - all while helping improve your math arithmetic and exercise your brain! Think you can take on harder math problems? Bump up your difficulties from easy to pro for each mini-game and see if you have what it takes!

Math World VR can be played stationary.

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