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May 3, 2022


Skill Prepare VR

Who said math can’t be fun? Math World VR is a STEM accredited educational math VR game that is jam-packed with fun mini-games for the whole family to enjoy! Each mini-game combines simple math to solve and it's your job to beat the high score & unlock awesome prizes! All while helping improve your math skills and arithmetic.

Each mini game in Math World VR combines simple math that adds a fun challenge. Whether it's axe throwing , even/odds with throwing darts at balloons, or shooting a bow and arrow at the correct answer for the equation, you'll have countless hours of fun - all while improving your math and cognitive skills! It sure doesn't feel like it, but you'll see that you can start doing mental math a bit faster after you play!

No more practicing math the boring way, level up your math skills with Math World VR! Make Learning Fun!


Our Mission: Math World VR aims to improve players' math skills with the goal to make learning fun & entertaining! We wanted to develop a math VR game that is fun for all ages and can improve their math skills while having fun. We believe that this game will allow players to strengthen their cognitive thinking, math arithmetic, and problem solving in a way where they're not realizing that they are sharpening their skills. Math World VR is also a disabled player friendly game and can be played stationary while sitting or standing. Hop into the world of math and fun with Math World VR!

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