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January 2, 2022


MobileFusion Apps LTD

A collection of seated mini games including:

Piece Puzzle: Connect the pieces of an object to complete the puzzle.

Unblock The Road: Slide the blocks to connect the road.

Minesweeper: Find all the mines and clear the grid.

Shell Game: Pick which cup the ball is in, after the cups have been moved around.

Solitaire: The classic game of Klondike using playing cards.

Jigsaw Puzzle: Choose a picture and complete the puzzle.

Chess: The classic game of chess.

Checkers: The classic game of checkers.

Whack A Mole: Hit as many moles as you can, as fast as you can.

Wire Loop Game: Move the hoop along the wire, within the time limit.

Shooting Gallery: Get as many points as you can, by shooting the objects.

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January 2, 2022


Sitting at a table in a gazebo playing a wide variety of beautifully crafted games. In solitaire I found the cards a little hard to make out unless I leaned forward. Colouring a group of cards for movement was a bit fussy (to get just the group you wanted instead of more or fewer cards) and involved a step of uncolouring them first to make a correction. And, once all the cards were turned over, not being able to finish automatically, though realistic, felt a bit tiresome.

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