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October 4, 2021




It's a quiet evening with your friends...

Your friend pulls out his VR headset...."Have you guys played No Time To Party?"

Only one VR is needed! The rest have to challenge the wearer to solve the easy to difficult puzzles!

This is a team game, while one person wears the headset the party reads off challenges.

The party will have to communicate with the player in order to solve the time-sensitive puzzles.

The VR player is the hands and your party is the mind!

It's time to have fun with your friends! What are you waiting for? THERE IS NO TIME.

Don't miss the opportunity to bond and have fun LIKE NEVER BEFORE.

*** IMPORTANT: Remember to download your version of the manual on caosvr.com/deck***

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October 11, 2021


If you are thinking of downloading this game I warn you, it may not be easy to understand how to play. But trust me it's worth it, even after just a few minutes you will quickly learn and you will have a lot of fun. In the beginning the levels are easy and become difficult as they increase. The last few levels might seem tough at first but trust me, making a mistake to retry a level is incredibly satisfying. The interaction with your friends is both chaotic but also manageable, and as you go through the levels together you will become more and more coordinated. I've been using virtual reality for a long time now, and have tried many games. Usually the nice ones are cheap while there are some really nice ones that cost too much. When I downloaded this game I didn't expect much since it's free, but I was incredibly surprised! The game is great fun if you find someone to play it with, and it doesn't matter that you everyone doesn't have a headset! This idea is simply brilliant, I have never tried a game done so well for FREE. Of course maybe it has some flaws, like that a level may not last long and you have to play a little to become good, but you can't ask for everything. I hope they add new content soon, I would also be willing to pay for it if necessary, but I really want this game to grow. Definitely worth a try.

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