Party Crashers: Balloons


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April 29, 2022



If you are a social expert, you can interact with other users in real-time voice chat, send emoji bubbles, and make unexpected actions in the game lobby. But if you are a social novice, there is no need to worry at all, there are many unique ice-breaking mini-games in the game lobby. You can also experience different modes of the game with other players in the game room. It's a stress-free world where you can have fun with your friends!

Game Mode:
-Scruffle Mode: Pick up any item on the ground at will, smash mercilessly at your opponent, and win!
-Handball Mode: Team up with your teammates to pass, shoot, and score! Smash your opponents and hinder their attacks!
-Graffiti Mode: Use props with different functions, let your imagination run wild, and turn the surrounding walls into works of art that only belong to you!

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Daniel Lane

July 25, 2022


The first time I played this game, I was exhausted. Handball mode is just that, so much fun! I had to be so bad at shooting that I couldn't throw the ball into the rim every time, and then I just jumped right into it to score. The characters are cute too, and everyone's skins are fun. I didn't read the description, I just played a few games with my friends and everyone thought it was a great game.

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