Oxford Medical Simulation


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July 31, 2022


Oxford Medical Simulation

At Oxford Medical Simulation (OMS), we deliver immersive, virtual reality clinical experiences on-demand. Our clinically-led approach creates rich, complex scenarios allowing healthcare professionals to learn from experience: practicing more, making fewer mistakes and improving patient care.

Learners are immersed in clinical environments with dynamic, engaging virtual patients in true-to-life clinical scenarios, independent of faculty facilitation. Learners can see multiple patients, conversing, assessing, managing, and engaging with interdisciplinary teams. Learners receive a guided debrief, automated, intelligent feedback, performance metrics, and blended learning.

OMS offers a wide range of standardized, repeatable, flexible, faculty-free scenarios. From ED, med-surg, OB, mental health, and peds to procedures, communication skills, and advanced cardiac life support codes, choose from over 200 scenarios that can be used in VR and on-screen.

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