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March 21, 2024



Slide on in with your friends, and play around as a penguin in an arctic environment! Freeze each other with snowballs in Penguin Royale, race down a slippery track on sleds, hunt penguins as a Yeti or BE hunted, or just relax on the half-pipes with your skis. There's always something to do in paradise!

Game Modes:
Sled Races - Slide down the hill in a four-player race. Will you prevail, or come up a close second?

Yeti - The nest of the yeti has been found! Grab the loot and get out fast, or you may become a Yeti's lunch! If you prefer to hunt, play as the Yeti!

Penguin Royale - Launch from the zeppelin, grab guns and a shield, and freeze your way to a fish dinner. Don't take too long or you'll be caught in the blizzard!

World Masters - You are in charge! Build your own penguin paradise world, invite your friends to join, and play mini games.

Ghost Maze - Did I turn left or right? Oh great. Lost again. See if you can turn your way to the middle of the maze and find your reward. Almost forgot. Be on the lookout for a ghost who will scare you back to the beginning.

Freeze Tag - Don't let the icy penguin tag you. If you get caught, you're frozen until another player tags you. Then you're back at it!

Airplanes - Grab the controls and take flight battling in a PVP Dogfight or fly around

Cube Wars - Hurry up! Grab the cubes and help your team finish first. May want to pick up a weapon or two just in case the other team gets a little too close.

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