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August 27, 2022



Slide on in with your friends, and play around as a penguin in an arctic environment! Freeze each other with snowballs in Penguin Royale, race down a slippery track on sleds, hunt penguins as a Yeti or BE hunted, or just relax on the half-pipes with your skis. There's always something to do in paradise!

Game Modes:
Open World - Ski or fly around with your friends in a large snow and ice park.

Survival - It's dark and there are wolves and bears lurking... slide around with your friends and stay alive as long as you can.

Sled Races - Slide down the hill in a four-player race. Will you prevail, or come up a close second?

Yeti - There's a monster lurking in the darkness and that monster might be you! The Yeti hunts the penguins down and tries to prevent them from activating all the generators.

Penguin Royale - Launch from the zeppelin, grab guns and a shield, and freeze your way to a fish dinner. Don't take too long or you'll be caught in the blizzard!

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