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September 27, 2022


Connekiss Inc.

Watching live-action 360 video in the POV brings you a special experience
The POV is a "multi-viewpoint VR visual experience"

Using the controller to shoot a cube floating in space, your perspective shifts instantly
You can move freely between multiple viewpoints

Changing the visual effect, you can enjoy a new visual expression

The POV can be downloaded for free

Live performance 360 videos are also available for free download and watching!

The POV is an evolution of immersive visual experience.
The 360 video is recorded simultaneously by multiple 360 cameras. Viewers can freely move their viewpoints with the controller. You can watch the musicians and performers from anywhere you like. You can experience the same performance over and over again in a fresh way.
It's not just immersive like you're there, but you're able to manipulate the visual space yourself. That’s POV!

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