Pro Bowling Social


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September 12, 2022


Moonstar Games

Bowling is a fun sports game but you need to go to a club since it requires a large space to play. With Pro Bowling Social, you can play bowling in the comfort of your home.
Pro Bowling Social is also available for Meta GO.
The goal of ten-pin bowling is is to knock over all ten pins at the end of a lane, with two balls per frame allowed to knock down all pins. A strike is achieved when all the pins are knocked down on the first roll, and a spare is achieved if all the pins are knocked over on a second roll.
Strike is 30 points regardless of ensuing rolls' results. Spare is 10 points, plus pinfall on first roll of the current frame. Game lasts for 10 frames and maximum score a player can get is 300 with 10 strikes. This scoring system is called World Bowling Scoring.

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