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November 9, 2023


ProYuga Advanced Technologies Limited

Want to learn programming and develop problem-solving skills in a fun way?

Set off on an exciting journey with "Programmer VR," a first-of-a-kind VR game on the Meta Store.

Your mission? Help Bob navigate a virtual world, overcome obstacles and improve intelligence level.

With each challenge you conquer, you’ll learn programming concepts like Instructions execution order, conditional statements, loops, arrays and much more. Boost your problem-solving skills and logical thinking - all while you play a fun game.

Brought to you by the creators of iB Cricket, one of the highest-rated VR games.

No prior programming knowledge is required.

Key Features:

Campaign Mode: 75 puzzles across 3 difficulty levels. Challenge yourself!

Multiplayer Mode: Race against an opponent in PvP battles or collaborate with a friend to master challenges.
Enhanced with voice chat and personalized Meta avatars, you can truly connect with players.

Daily Challenges: Complete a new challenge everyday and top the global leaderboard.

Achievements: Celebrate your learning accomplishments, track your leaderboard standings.

Level up your experience…

MR Mode: With the power of Mixed Reality, Set your puzzle anywhere in your room and move freely in the real world to get an excellent view.

Hand Tracking: Interact seamlessly with the virtual world using your hands, making your experience even more lifelike.

Programmer VR is your ticket to programming fun. Get started now and unlock your potential!

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