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February 8, 2021


DB Creations

An arcade SHMUP where the music is part of the action.

Travel across the virtual zone and defend the core by guiding a pair of starfighters through the shoot 'em up action of Rhythm 'n Bullets. Enemies fly in from all sides, diving towards the core in time with the soundtrack. Time your shots to the beat for maximum effect, and grab awesome power-ups to clear the stage.

Keep the core safe from danger in the multi-level campaign, and then try to top the leaderboards in endless mode, where the enemies never stop! Take a break with our relax mode where you can practice your shooting and experience remixes of the games score!

Features four themes: Tech City, Japanese Garden, Galaxy Zone, and Holiday Forest! Fifth theme coming soon!

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February 21, 2021


i think this game is amazing and i definitely recommend others to buy this wonderful game, and i also have to add, the owner of this game was super nice and super cool, and everyone should definitely leave a nice review in my opinion but always be sure to leave an honest review.

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