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August 5, 2021


JK Technologies

SEENS.IO is a multi-purpose platform that can help millions of people connect in VR spaces. With unlimited connections, organizations can think of different ways to deliver content like real life. In addition, organizations can own these locations and customize them according to their intended usage.

A special feature of SEENS.IO is in the location map that recreates famous landmarks and architectural works in real life. Organizations can own a location in SEENS.IO World to support its various purposes.

Free to use the basic features for all users.
Multi-Platform: Connect VR and mobile devices.
Multi-Purpose: Can be suitable for many uses.
Massive Multiplayer: Supports connecting millions of users in each location.
Real Locations: Real-life locations recreated in the VR world of SEENS.IO.
Highly Customizable: Customize to the smallest detail of locations.
Own A Location: Take ownership of VR property inside SEENS.IO (NFT certified).
Easy To Manage: Easily organize meetings.

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