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December 15, 2022



Welcome to Shotgun Sport, where the thrill of shooting meets the excitement of a virtual party! Immerse yourself in the ultimate shooting experience as you hone your skills in skeet, trap, double trap, and the challenging Plate Invaders game mode.

But the real magic happens with our unique 'Party Mode.' Grab your Meta Oculus, and in an instant, any gathering transforms into a Shotgun Sport extravaganza! Picture this: friends huddled together, each with their Oculus device, ready to embark on a virtual shooting showdown.

Compete, challenge, and let the good times roll in our immersive virtual worlds. It's not just a game; it's a social blast! The Party Mode in Shotgun Sport brings people together for friendly competition, laughter, and shared experiences like never before.

Elevate the fun and turn your social gatherings into unforgettable moments. Shotgun Sport isn't just about improving your shooting skills; it's about creating memories with friends that last a lifetime. So, grab your Meta Oculus, gather your crew, and let the Shotgun Sport party begin!

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