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April 20, 2023



Simli Lite is a limited version of the full Simli experience. Here you’ll get a taste of what the full Simli experience has to offer. Explore one of our simulated social situations and customize your experience using our speech-to-text prompts. In the full Simli app, we have more than 10 social situations you can experience.

With Simli Lite, you’ll get to experience a simulated job interview. Before you start, you’ll get to choose what job you’ve applied for and then get relevant questions from the interviewer. The interview will take place in an office with you and one character. Who knows, maybe you’ll get hired?

There’s no limit to how much you can test, so go ahead and test as much as you want. That way, we also get valuable feedback on what works and what doesn’t. And hey, if you know someone who needs to practice their job interviewing skills, then share it with them too!

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