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July 20, 2022


John Ray Games

Welcome to the lab! Space Station 51 is your own private space station home away from everybody.

You have been assigned to Space Station 51. Backed by an arsenal of new weapons, you must test them on your Robotic Dummy. Use guns, blades and anything you can get your hands on.

Your test dummy is a lifeless, non-feeling, non-sentient hunk of metal designed for testing weaponry.

Every wack, hit, gunshot or sword wound you deal to your dummy results in credits for your job well done. Use your hard earned cash to unlock the station's premium weapons and mini-games.

Space Chamber 51 brings you:

* An unlockable test arsenal

* Earned mini-games to keep you motivated to perform test

* Interactable items to be found around the station for testing

* Dual-wield your weapons of choice and use them how you want

Step into the Space Station and start testing!

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