Starfighter Arduxim Multiplayer


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August 2, 2021


Fulby Technologies

Strap into the cockpit of your starfighter and take on enemy starships in this first-person tactical space shooter. Fight as part of a team alongside your friends or in free for all battle. Features multiple game modes, ships and weapon load-outs.

Control your ship using Touch controllers, a gamepad, or hand tracking. Players can use the thumb sticks on a physical controller, or for a more immersive experience grab virtual cockpit controls using the Touch controllers or your bare hands.

The multiplayer of Starfighter Arduxim is free to play and has no micro-transactions or ads.

The full version available separately includes:
* A fourteen mission story based campaign covering your first tour of duty on the front lines
* Practice mode
* Survival/horde challenge mode with online leader board

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January 16, 2022


I think this game definitely has something in it but my main concern is motion sickness. When you turn it has this unnatural immediate turn instead of slowly turning into it. Literally look at any other game like this and that’s the physics in it. But yeah that would be a good start for sure.

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