System Critical: The Race Against Time


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July 15, 2022


Old Formulas

Your Name Is Cyborg 17,

Upon Escaping The Facility Where you were manufactured your internal program was Triggered setting your system into Critical self destruct mode. With just 24 hours left to live until self destruction In a Race against Time You must stay alive In a constant fight for survival to escape the evil forces that created you. It is time to embark on a journey to find a way to restore your system back to normal before it’s too late…

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July 13, 2022


The Megamanic style of VR Retro- ness is right here If you loved MegaMan then this is for You!! What more could you want .. you have full movement from the moment you pick up an arm gun and start blasting to peeking around corners. All this in a retro looking stylized game with badguys everywhere you go. So blast away and navigate your way through to the BOSS for each level not an easy task I assure you. The musical score in this is phenomenally satisfying as you progress your way through the levels. The satisfaction of knowing you need to kill or be annihilated and stay on the move. Provides me with what I look for in a VR game. From the moment I pick up my arm gun it's all on. This really brings out the old school retro-ness feeling of running about a nicely detailed environment with not even a 2nd thought of what's coming next... its just you and your weapon. This is well thought out and with the added power of VR you can definitely feel immersed I often found myself jumping to shoot something off in the distance or peeking around a corner with my gun at the ready. It's certainly relentless and it never gives up!! It offers a real challenge and I often found myself dying and jumping straight back in to try again thinking I'm going to get you. The movement seems to work well with zigzagging and bounding between platforms and with a double jump added to the mix for those slightly bigger areas. The AI of the baddies out to get you is really strong, And believe me they won't back down i often found myself up close with the enemies which makes for some awesome and enticing screen shots Look out for weaponry and explosives to help you along your journey to wipe them out. The way to play is up to you, either way you will come out with that feeling of satisfaction. There are 2 health bars which you can view on your opposing hand to your gun these show your Armour and your health both of which can be replenished when you stumble across each one during your gameplay. Be sure to keep an eye on them as they go down extremely quick with all thats going on around you. The sounds in game are very cool, and not just the odd pew pew here or there badguys blow up so you know they are gone. I feel the whole got to get to the end of this level totally satisfying with a great deal of challenge involved. Believe me I have tried the whole run gun and don't look back method which was extremely the wrong way to go! Well for me anyhow!!! So why not give it a try yourself ... It's probably best to take them out to clear the way for you to progress. The levels have everything from moving platforms ooh heck be careful! ( is all I will say... ) Blast your way through doors to proceed and make it to the checkpoints along the way that can be used as starting points. I would highly recommend trying out this game it's a retro shooter with a difference and a great offering into the VR sector ...The feeling of MegaMan is strong in this one .... I have been following this game since I first heard about it and really believe the developer has put a lot of effort into making it as good a retro hit as it needs to be with the level of challenge. The arm gun you no longer have to grip hold of it's glued to you and swappable from arm to arm which also caters well for left handed gamers out there Definitely worth adding this to your wishlist folks one to keep an eye on. I would love to maybe see different levels of difficulty added ie easy, medium,or hard to cater for everyone and maybe a settings screen on the main menu with audio settings that can be adjusted etc. Now its time to jump back into the world of retro shooters but in Virtual Reality Happy gaming everyone From Taz Enjoying what VR brings to gaming.

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