The Wonder of Numbers and Sounds


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July 30, 2021


Wonderfy Inc.

A snowy world with floating numbers and pleasant sounds. In the center of the world, there is an iceberg with a number engraved on it.
Your goal is to turn the number into "1" by hitting the iceberg with the floating numbers. When you turn the numbers into “1”, you’ll find the music that you played with the numbers...

The rules of this world:
Numbers from 2 to 30 float in the space, and numbers over 30 disappear.
If you shoot the iceberg with a divisible number, the iceberg will become smaller and smaller.
If you grab the floating numbers in both hands and bring them closer, the numbers will be added.
If you grab the divisible number of the floating number and shoot it, the number will be divided.
Try to make the number on the iceberg "1" within the time limit of 5 minutes.
Can you find the hidden relationship between numbers and sounds in this world?

The first VR work by Wonderfy, an EdTech company that has won numerous awards for its digital content in mathematics and art.

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