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July 27, 2021


Metaverse Adventures

Step into a Theme Park unlike any other - a realm of magic that comes to life right in your living room!

Your park pass grants you access to the open-world Theme Park grounds, designed for both standing and sitting experiences, plus includes Act 1 of 'Into the Metaverse’, our award winning dark ride. This 14.5-minute ride can be relished as a single-rider or shared as a multi-rider journey with friends and loved ones, adding an unexpectedly magical touch. Your pass will also automatically unlock Acts 2 and 3 upon their release, along with a sneak peek of the highly anticipated 'The Haunted Castle.'

Drawing inspiration from the best dark rides in premier Theme Parks, 'Into the Metaverse' is a slow-moving, narrated experience showcasing animated scenes that explore humanity's quest for immersive experiences. Beloved by young and old, gamers and non-gamers alike, this ride is just the beginning and will leave you craving more. Once all Acts are unveiled, it will stand as the longest, most ambitious dark ride to date. In fact, Act 1 alone already rivals some of the biggest rides ever.

For a preview of the expansive magic being imagineered, wander through the Core Plaza and discover the burgeoning world that lies ahead. Although we're in Early Access, reviews have already catapulted this Theme Park into App Lab's top titles, with many noting that something truly special is emerging.

We eagerly await your visit and deeply appreciate your support in bringing the magic to life.

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January 30, 2022


This is a great demo!! Enjoyed the ride.. looking forward to more.. hopefully soon!! It’s a nice sitting casual roller coaster ride.

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