Thief Simulator VR: Greenview Street


Release date

July 7, 2022


PlayWay, Titan Gamez

Become a stealthy, underground contractor in the sandbox open-world city.
Outsmart the NPCs by hiding, sneaking, climbing, stealing & hacking.
Escape the police with realistic car driving, paint jobs & car customization.
Enjoy realistic physics - throw, smash & manipulate hundreds of objects.
Dive into minigames, action & environment filled with immersive interactions.
Expand your arsenal of tools, gear, gadgets & upgrades.
Observe your targets to avoid danger.
Become the best via progression based on levels, skills system & RPG elements.
Single-player experience with marvelous replayability.
VR experience for both casual & hardcore players, seeking a true challenge.
Perfectly comfortable & intuitive - sitting, standing & roomscale modes.
Near to no motion sickness.
Regular & polished updates, expansions & improvements.
Made exclusively for Meta Quest 2 headset.

In the game, Players take a role of a thief exploring the immersive, interactive environment for valuables. Using a wide range of tools and gadgets, players explore different paths to avoid detection and evade law enforcement, as they plan and execute their heists.

And they do it in an open-world environment, filled with tons of interactions. The mission goals are always clear but beating the obstacles is always up to your creativity.

The game offers a unique & authentic VR adventure, always expanding via regular updates. With both intense and casual gameplay.

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