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November 18, 2022



Top Scary Prank is a false VR game for pull terrifying pranks on family and friends, using immersive puzzles and jumpscare techniques.

TSP Challenge not is a game. It is a psychological experience to which your guests react with a terrifying and funny jumpscare, just for laughs¡¡¡

The experience begins as a casual puzzle in a peculiar location, the player will be able to choose the level of difficulty and will have to overcome a series of tests. Each test is composed of different levels that the player will have to solve using touch controls or hand tracking. But this is only the beginning...

On the third puzzle of each difficulty level, when the player is immersed in the challenge, a jump scare will make him scream out loud.TSP Challenge is actually a tool for playing terrifying pranks and having fun with family and friends. The player will believe that he is playing a casual brain challenge (IQ test), he will not suspect anything until it is too late.

The difficulty levels of the wit challenge correspond to the intensity of the jump scare, whichever option you choose, it will not leave you indifferent. Will you dare to perform the challenges yourself, or do you prefer to play a prank? In either case: TSP Challenge will surprise you.

● Enhanced with hand tracking.
● Challenging physics puzzles.
● Adjusted experience volume to boost jumpscares.
● Different jumpscares depending on the intensity of the scare.

¡¡¡¡The best way to pull terrifying pranks in VR!!!!

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