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Are you a Artiste, but also sort of competitive and sadistic? Would you like to engage in some sabotage and subterfuge, just for funsies?

Then step into the role of a Savage Sculptor, and gain the power to mold the very earth to your will!

TTP is a voxel-based 1v1 capture-the-flag game that will pit you against your friend in a battle of creativity and cruelty. Capture the other teams flag and bring it back to your base to score points.

If the other team captures the flag before you, there is only one way to stop them from scoring:

Punch the ground out from underneath your enemy and make them fall screaming into the abyss!

If fighting is not your forte, don’t leave just yet!

For all the Pacifist Artistes out there, here is your chance to go on a peaceful retreat to a (floating) island. Go ahead, take some time for yourself and sculpt your little heart out. The sky’s the limit. Literally.

It’s TTP. Time To … Produce true Art.

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