Ultimate Snowball Fight


Release date

June 29, 2021


Gritty Games

Compete for the Crown by throwing Snowballs and Snowbombs to defeat other real players and bots all while staying out of the storm! Search and loot powerups to aid you in battle as you fight to remain the last one standing!

Sprint, jump, fly, and climb to fully take advantage of the physics based gameplay. Maintain momentum to cover large areas of ground quickly, search for powerups, and seek out enemies.

Physics Based Gameplay!
No more pointing a gun and pulling the trigger, now your physical throwing accuracy translates directly to where you hit.

Climb Anything, Fly Anywhere!
Literally no limits. If you want to fly out of the game world, go for it. Results may vary.

Drop in / Drop Out Spectating!
Join in mid round or want to take a break for a round? Easily swap between spectator mode and gameplay mode on the fly.

- A Battle Royale like no other... Winter Has Arrived! -

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January 5, 2022


Fun concept, having a battle royale use a more VR focused mechanic like throwing rather than guns is a great use of the platform. Combined with some crazy over the top movement it creates a unique gameplay experience for an already widely loved genre. Definitely some more polish to the movement and more players would take this title to the next level.

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