Vinyl Reality Lite


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December 28, 2021


EntroPi Games

Master the art of DJing in Mixed Reality!

Developed by professional DJs, Vinyl Reality Lite is the most authentic and realistic simulation of DJing with vinyl available for XR.

Load and play your own tracks on a complete and fully functional vinyl DJ setup. Easily cue records, make precise pitch adjustments, perform fast fader cuts or shape the sound with the EQ and filters, using intuitive and accurate controls.
Record your mixes to high-quality audio with the press of a button or stream audio over Wi-Fi with low latency to a mobile device or computer connected to speakers.

Play in Mixed Reality and see the environment around you using passthrough.

Key Features:
- Two fully functional turntables based on the iconic SL-1200 series
- 2-channel DJ mixer with per channel EQ, Filters, PFL and gain
- Play in either Virtual or Mixed Reality mode
- Unique virtual headphones system to easily monitor cued tracks
- Separate master audio output and high-quality audio recorder
- Record case to easily browse and load your personal music collection
- Supports mp3, flac, wav, ogg, aif, wma files
- Vinyl records with cover art and grooves that match track structure
- Ergonomic DJ table with adjustable height and angle
- Short interactive tutorial to learn the basic controls

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January 31, 2022


I've never owned real turntables but this is better. Bring your whole library in the crate and start mixing just as you would on the real wheels of steel. Recommended for all from beginner DJs to Old School Veterans.

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