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March 12, 2021


Starcade Arcade LLC

Greetings Space Traveler, we need you to save the universe again! New virus variants threaten our galaxy. Level up with a new arsenal of weapons to combat these variants. We are equipping you with funky fun weapons like the Vaxcaliber, Vac Bat, and Jazzeroid Rocket Launcher. Explore new worlds and enjoy some newly mastered bangers by DJ Inkers while battling for the survival of the universe.

For your protection, we are also giving you the option to vaccinate and wear a mask, but both are your choice! It is up to you to save the party people!

Virus Popper Reopened is FREE and Includes:
● 4 New Maps!
● Over 15 funky weapons!
● 8 Types of Viruses!
● Progression Unlocks
● Original Virus Popper game mode

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February 1, 2022


This game is on the top right now! You can wash your hands in this game etc. You fight Germs with different kind of weapons you unlock on your way! Also there is tons of maps if you have DLC with you! Just Download this game and you won't be disappointed at all! Highly recommend you to even try this game

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