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April 27, 2021



Shoot Voxel zombies in VR! Utilize an arsenal of weapons to eliminate the approaching brain-hungry zombies. Don't be fooled by their cute appearance! Resilient zombies, helicopters and huge bosses are closing in to seal your doom. Can you survive the Voxzombocalypse?

* Annihilate hordes of cute/grotesque zombies
* Use all weapons at your disposal like the Minigun, Uzi, Sniper Rifle, Assault Rifle. Rocket launcher and a plethora of grenades.
* Survivie four stages with varying difficulty: City, Desert, Base, Airport
* Battle giant zombies, helicopters and tanks
* Eliminate an unlimited amount of blood-thirsty zombies in Endless Mode

** On your first play, try out the tutorial for best enjoyment

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May 1, 2021


This game is a blast to play. When they’re coming from all sides and they just keep coming… A nice variety of weapons to take out advancing hordes, comically destructible set pieces, the only thing that would make this any better would be the addititon of multiplayer. I’d easily drop $10 bucks worth of quarters playing this at the arcade. Game only supports standing play, as seated you would not have very good clearance over your barricade and I didn’t see any option to adjust height for seated play. You have to turn so much that seated wouldnt make much sense anyway without a rotating chair. Currently theres 5 levels and a tutorial. You’re timed on the Easy, Normal, and two Hard courses but there is an Endless level. Each set in a different locale. Not sure why the player is also attacked by drones and choppers, as you’d think they’d target the Z’s, but maybe these Z’s are hi-tech. Try not to think about it too much and just blast away. A quick word to the Dev, please either move the health bar to the bottom corner of the screen or better yet, have it only appear briefly when you are wounded. Currentlty it can get in the way.

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