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October 11, 2022


Arcane Miracle Entertainment

War of Wizards is a VR MOBA game that combines unique spell-casting mechanics and tower defense to bring you a VR experience like no other.

In War of Wizards, how you draw your spells determines the power of the magic! With prompts in-game, you don't need to remember the spells - focus on the strategy instead!

As a wizard player, you'll enter epic magic battles where every move counts. With a mission to destroy the enemy wizard's crystal while protecting your own, you must carefully build your magic deck, quickly react to changes on the battlefield, use the best counter at the right moment, and lead your minions to victory!

Key features:
- Tower defense gameplay rewarding quick thinking, strategic planning, time management, and leadership
- Unique spell-casting mechanics making you feel like a true master of magic
- Magic power determined by the size and accuracy of the spells you draw
- Balanced spell repertoire for you to experiment
- Options to play against strangers, friends, or AI bots
- Continuous updates & support!

Draw to cast spells, unlock your magic talents, and dominate the battlefield TODAY!

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