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March 11, 2021


Martin Kutlak

Each match is played between two teams of three players with each team defending their own separate base on the map. Either team wins by being the first to destroy the opposing team's base.
Each player will control a powerful Warrior. The game features a growing roster of Warriors, each with their own ability set, weapons and upgrades. Players gain experience from destroying enemy Warriors, their defense towers and enemy minions that roam the lanes.
This experience can be used to level up your powerful abilities in the order you choose. As the flow of each match will help you adapt your Warrior each level to help stay ahead of the fight.

-14 Champions (with many more in the works!)
-Online Leaderboards
-Cross-play between different platforms
-Ingame voice chat
-Public and Private lobbies
-AI bots (to fill out empty slots or to play single player) with multiple difficulties
-In-game achievement system
-Multiple locomotion styles
-UI customizations

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January 22, 2022


This is my FAVORITE game on the quest. Hidden gem for sure. Once you understand the mechanics behind the game there is a TON of replay-ability here. The bots and match settings can be scaled to provide challenges for even the most experienced (turn on modifiers and then use arrow buttons to set them up)! The VR mechanics for this game feel super tight and responsive, and the hero abilities are very varied. It's worth watching the 5 min tutorial vid to get the basics. It's even better and a completely different game when you get some people together to play pvp, but even against bots I find myself coming back again and again to setup challenging matches. Don't let the visuals fool you, there's a lot of game here. Can't believe it was developed by one guy. There's a ton of customizability. so if you don't like how the control settings are (button mappings, smooth vs teleportation, HMD driven vs not, you can basically change anything. The HUD too is super customizable. Supports multiple refresh rates in game as well, up to 120hz. This could be an amazing competitive e-sports game if the right people find it and start making it known. The quest is sitting on a possible gold mine here and doesn't realize it. There was a tournament earlier last year and the battles were pretty intense! Piece of advice, don't start with Azure or FRED, they look cool but their mechanics are entirely different from the other characters. Better to learn the basics with one of the other heroes first, so you can appreciate how those two heroes deviate from the norm.

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