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March 19, 2021



Build and customize your own ship as you want with a multitude of components that will completely change how you deal with all the situations encountered in this unexplored part of the void. You can meet a lot of adversity in the universe and you will need to fight your way out, negotiate with the different powers ruling the place to make the most of the situation, solve some deadly enigmas and decrypt mysteries to learn about the most hidden galaxy’s secrets. Will the Earth survive its ordeal or will it get destroyed once and for all ? That’s all up to you !

White Hole uses the guardian system to build your ship, you need to use a roomscale guardian in order to play the game.

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December 31, 2021


If it sounds fun to you it will be. I really felt like the commander of my own ship at times. Amazing how it can mimick your guardian so great if you have a bit of room to play roomscale. Would be great if the edges could be smoothed out on the spaceship. I tried a few times to have perfect edges on my guardian and I still found components not fitting on the wall completely flat- the other option that makes it a box doesn't use my space as fully as I want it to. Despite that gripe it's still one of my new favourite Quest titles. Hidden gem!

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