3D scan of Collonges-la-Rouge


Release date

September 8, 2022


Unity 2019.4

Move like a pedestrian in Collonges-la-Rouge, reconstructed from videos taken by two head-held 360 cameras (Gopro Max), whose trajectory is about 1.6km long.

Right controller:
- Rotate on the left or right by using the joystick
- Update the vertical offset (up or down) by using the joystick
- Choose a location and teleport to it by using the virtual laser pointer
- Teleport by using the index trigger only if the laser is green (not red)

Left controller:
- Move continuously by using the joystick
- Switch pannel and map by using the grip/hand trigger
- If both map and pannel are disabled, switch between rendering modes (texturing or normal colors) by pressing the index trigger
- The map shows the cloud of mesh vertices and the user location
- If the pannel is enabled, switch between constrained and unconstrained motions by pressing the index trigger
- The constrained motion controls your height above the ground
- The pannel shows information about the 3D model and the selected motion.

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