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May 21, 2019


High Voltage Software, Inc.

Ballista is a completely immersive fantasy world with stunningly real physics and casual action adventure. In a realm under siege by destruction, tyranny, and even the occasional maleficent dragon, you must progress through five kingdoms to destroy the Bane Stones responsible for corrupting the very brick and mortar of the land’s thirty strongholds, and vanquish the Great Evil for good.

In this first-person VR experience, you, the Hero, are aided by a wise Magic Mirror, a wand made of 100% unicorn horn, and a legendary sling. Face daunting foes, glorious victory, and the adoration of an entire realm of minions… which you will use to catapult through the enemy defenses with sheer destructive panache. That’s right! The more adorable creatures you rescue and enlist to fight, the more “ammunition” you have to launch at your adversaries. Grab, throw, tickle, poke, and launch over 20 rescued minions, each with special abilities.

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