Alt Lab game giveaways – How does it work? Alt Lab game giveaways – How does it work?

June 20, 2022

Alt Lab game giveaways – How does it work?

A unique way of entering the giveaway for a chance to win great VR games. Play a simple game right in your browser, save your score with the nickname and email and you are in. Players with the best scores are guaranteed to win. Every entry counts, we also draw a couple of lucky ones at the end of the giveaway from all players. You can increase your chances by inviting friends using your unique referral link.

What are giveaways?

Giveaways are a popular way to promote any product or service. Prizes are often in form of gift cards, retail or digital products. In order to enter a giveaway, you need to complete some action beneficial to the giveaway organiser. For example, you have to invite a friend, share posts on social, fill out some surveys etc. At the end of the giveaway period, a couple of lucky winners are rewarded with a prize and everybody's happy, right? We beg to disagree, so we made something special for you.

Play and win

Enter our giveaway by playing a simple web game, try to reach high score, and register with a nickname and email. There is only 1 giveaway running at any time. The length of the giveaway may vary, but it's usually 1-2 weeks long. Every giveaway has a different web game and also a game we are giving away. Most competitive players that reach the best scores on the leaderboard are guaranteed to win. For example, if we ran a giveaway with 10 keys, 3 keys are reserved for the top 3 players. The remaining 7 keys will be distributed randomly among all other players.

How do tickets work?

Every registered player starts with 1 ticket. Meaning if there are 100 players in the giveaway, your chances of winning are 1 in 100. You can increase the number of your tickets by inviting friends using your unique referral link. If your friend also registers for the giveaway, we will reward you with 1 more ticket. Your chance of winning will almost double from 1 in 100, to 2 in 101. You will be rewarded with a bonus ticket for every single person that registers using your referral link.

Sounds too good to be true?

Game developers provide us free game keys in order to promote their games on our platform. In return, we feature their game on our main page. We want players to interact with these games in the most positive and fun way possible. These developers definitely deserve that and we always try to support games that we really love. We genuinely believe in these types of giveaways and we put a lot of hard work to make them possible. Hope that you agree. Check out our latest giveaway.