Gladius Review Gladius Review

June 27, 2022

Gladius Review

You are the Gladiator. Feel the power of the crowd cheer as you walk out into the arena. You pump your arms up and down, revving up the crowd. You are pumped and ready for the match, you are a gladiator. Your opponent appears, a rush fills your body as you charge into battle. You swing and chop off his head. The crowd is up and cheering, wanting more. Will you give it to them or become just blood in the sand?

Gladius is an immersive gladiator game. You are fighting for coin, fame and your freedom. You start the game as a slave. You must fight your way through the ranking system to number one, Thunder God. You will do this through two different game modes with a variety of weapons at your use. There is Arena and Campaign mode.

In Arena mode, you will fight in a variety of different arenas against man and beast as the crowd cheers you on. It's the last man standing event, so make every swing and parry count. In Campaign mode, you will have ranks (days) to complete and survive. You will be in a bunch of different fighting areas, with different weapons and objectives. You will be fighting man, beast, and even the undead. As you move up through the days, you will earn coins and move up in rank to earn your freedom.Your cell acts as your main hub, where you can check on your progress, which game mode you want to play, and visit the weapon smith for new weapons. From here your adventure awaits.

As a gladiator, you are given a large selection of melee weapons to pick from and buy. You also have the option of using a bow and different shields and helmets. As you fight and you win over the crowd, they will reward you with, food and weapons in between fights. The more blood you shed and dismemberment you do to your opponent, the more the crowd will love you. Pump your arms and excite them, give them a show, and they will reward you.

I have many combat games like this, but none as immersive and with goals. If you want to feel like Russell Crowe from the movie Gladiator look no further.