Guardians Review Guardians Review

June 30, 2022

Guardians Review

FPS, RTS, and VR all in one WOW. I am a huge FPS fan and was never into RTS games, then I played this. Absolute brilliant combination, in an easy-to-execute fashion. You will be blasting down enemies, placing turrets, and giving droids directions all in a matter of seconds.

It's hands down an amazing FPS game, with great weapon handling and aiming, easy reload. It just feels great taking down the hostels. Then you add the great RTS portion of the game, where you will be placing turrets and droids to defended points, or have a group of droids follow you to help protect a moving asset.

I played the game's main missions in solo and co-op. Both ways are a fantastic play. In solo you will really rely on your RTS skills, whereas in co-op you can split up and both build your own defenses.

The game has lots of modes of play in single-player and multiplayer. Plus there is a map editor where you can build and download custom maps, things will never get old. The game also has a lot of features. You will build XP to move up in rank, unlocking new skills and avatars to play as. You also build currency. You can use it to upgrade stats and or buy new weapons. Gives you something to keep playing for and brings you back for more.

If you are an FPS or RTS fan, this is one VR experience you do not want to miss, a must-have for sure. Great for single-player or multiplayer gamers.