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March 11, 2021



Guardians blends the action-packed gameplay of FPS shooters with real-time strategy and tactics, allowing players to take on the roles as both soldier and general.

Let your bullets do the work while you simultaneously spawn structures & units straight to the battlefield!

-Single player or CoOp campaign (12 levels in 3 different planets)
-Multiplayer CoOp up to 4 players
-PvP modes up to 8 players
-Complete in-game map editor to create your own game (solo or with friends)
+300 community created maps

Protect the federation while they extract a mysterious energy source, as a Guardian you have access to a huge range of weaponry and tools. Shoot the Gravity Gun to smash your enemies against the cliffs, and maneuver both mechs and spaceships to wreak havoc from the ground as well as the sky!

Guardians can also instantly summon and control defensive structures, units and vehicles to help them fight invading armies.

Guardians is a love letter to legendary titles such as Halo and Starcraft

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January 24, 2022


Tldr: Been since Natural Selection 2 on PC Steam that I have waited to see FPSRTS done well. Here it is, a tower defense FPS, clearly Star Craft/Starship Troopers inspired. Like tower defense? RTS? High scores and or coop? Buy it. Graphics are nice for a WIP and coming along well. They went for a more realistic look vs comicy and as such a lot of open environments take a nose dive in detail. I hope the devs take a look at Crashlands and Star Wars Galaxies Edge to see how this can be improved! But so good so far. Sound is very nice here and it sounds rewarding to shoot bugs and money they sometimes drop. Gameplay is great with my only gripe being unlocks behind coop maps though it is a novel feature and hope for more unlocks in future, especially from the campaign maps. Replayability is high. 4 difficulties and a leaderboard per map, with custom difficulty for fun. 4 player coop, pvp, and a simple yet still wip map editor you can also use in coop. I wont list issues or glitches as I do that in discord and the devs are very responsive. However I will say if you have back or shoulder issues as I do, you may need a few days away from time to time due to the intense movement required at some times! Conclusion, if you enjoy FPSRTS games this is a must buy, and the devs are very active in discord. This is a game I hope makes it to the Oculus store, it is amazing. My only gripe is the generic placeholder cockpit loading screen, I just hate it :(! I feel like i have seen it somewhere before too.. An example: put a black screen with a loading bar and one of the weaker bug enemies in black and white walking on the top left of the bar in place. Other than that, I will live forever.

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