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December 21, 2022


CBL Industries

Class Warfare allows players to choose from a diverse range of classes, each with their own unique play style and abilities. Set in a futuristic world, players must use their chosen class's weapons and equipment to overcome challenges and emerge victorious.

Class Warfare's city is randomly generated each time you play, ensuring that no two gameplay experiences are the same. Players will need to adapt to constantly changing environments as they battle to survive and complete missions.

Each mission presents its own set of challenges and requires players to use their skills and strategic thinking to succeed. Each victory will bring new abilities that will help them to become even more powerful and effective.

The city is filled with a variety of opponents and obstacles, including clueless robots, roving packs of alien gangs, and trigger happy soldiers. Recruit mercenaries to carry out your dirty work for you. Hire a hacker to create a timely distraction. And if you've got the credits, even bribe the local police to look the other way.

If that wasn't enough, rumors about a sinister threat lurking in the streets continue to spread. Something...is turning citizens into mindless, soulless beings.

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