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June 18, 2021


Soaring Roc Studio

Conjure Cards places you in the world of Sun Shard, where magic flows through every aspect of life; even in a simple card game!

Summon a wide variety of creatures and magic spells to face your opponents! Take their health points down to zero to win the game. Conjure Cards features multiplayer and singleplayer gameplay, and supports Hand Tracking allowing you to set the controllers down and still enjoy the game! Unlock new cosmetics to show off to your friends and enemies!

This is an "Early" release of the game, with many more features, customizations, and exciting ways to play coming soon.

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August 15, 2021


A fun game in VR that I can actually SIT down, RELAX, and play. This is a (very) simplified version of Magic: TG that is played in an ultra-cool dungeon-like environment. Music is sparse however, and creature/lighting/special sound/animation/ effects are practically non-existent. There is also currently only ONE totally personality-devoid AI NPC to play against, in AI mode. ...He/she DOES LOOK cool, though. So there IS that. --The game is quite SIMPLE and LIMITED right now, is the main point. However, if you are curious and are reading this review, do NOT let those no-doubt TEMPORARY limitations, which are ONLY due to a combination of the game's independent development status and current stage of developmental PROGRESS, stop you from getting it. It is VERY fun and, due to highly effective deck/hand randomization, it can already be played over and over (especially if you're quarantined, like I am right now)! -PLUS, it's FREE, and it ALSO takes up VERY little storage space in its present state. Far less than a single gigabyte, I think-? Maybe even less than half of one; I can't recall. Either way, it's tiny, and your limited-space Quest library will thank you. If you're like me, and you love LIBERATING SOULS trapped in Purgatory with a holy bow in In Death: Unchained, and SHOVING SPEARS through enemy SKULLS in Battle Talent, but after a while of sweating to these more physically-demanding games, you STILL want to be a total nerd and keep nerding-it-up, but might need a little BREAK, then THIS game is definitely what you NEED! **A few (obvious) suggestions for the devs (stuff I'm SURE you're ALREADY working on): 1) Show/animate the creatures and spells we cast via the cards, actually making it so they are REALLY being "conjured" onto the table! Animate creature attacks and abilities, too, and card spells, with appropriate lighting-effects and such! 2) Add more play environments and NPC looks/personality types/more avatars for human players and online opponents. 3) Add NPC tournaments (complete with background-onlookers!) where we can WIN cool special cards and stuff every once in a while. Or maybe just add gold, that we could BET, and therefore win - OR lose! We could use the gold to PURCHASE cool, rare cards or deck-modifiers. 4) Add more MUSIC. That ONE piece of music is actually cool, it just gets a little repetitive. 5) Add cool effects/animation when we WIN, or, for that matter, LOSE, a game. These are only my humble suggestions (BRILLIANT as they ARE ), once again, and everything ELSE about this app, from the overall design, the atmosphere, the graphics, etc, INCLUDING having a MAGIC, SEVERED-HAND hold your cards, is FANTASTIC. What you already DO have here has been really, really KNOCKED out of the PARK, truly. You guys are developing something TRULY SPECIAL, here. PLEASE keep at it! -and, THANK you!! I can't WAIT to see what you DO with this GREAT game in the future!!

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