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April 9, 2022


Suplife Games

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*Full Weapon System*
All weapons and spells are fully refreshed, come to try new experience!

Fight and defend your towers as a Hero! Enemy troops have arrived at the gate of your keep that may fall into pieces at any moment. You can smell fear on the ramparts. One wrong move and defeat is nigh. Release spells, conquer enemy towers and obtain victory. Look, your soldiers are waving the flag for you. Congratulations, excellent TD strategist!

Key Features:
- Incarnate as the heroes Sylvanas, Rikimaru, Calypso, Surtr, and Froster, take up weapons and attack the enemy
- Multiple gameplay modes: Survival and Casual
- Experience four scenes: Forest, Snowland, Desert, and Cemetry
- 5-level Boss mechanism: Defeat the boss and challenge the highest level

Good Luck!

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April 22, 2022


This game is a little unstoppable! Usually after I get off work,I found that the scene has been dark all the time, is it based on the actual time?

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