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June 8, 2023


Field Of Vision

Are you ready to start your KUNG FU FITNESS journey today?

With a focused mind and a strong body, embark on the challenge to become the greatest Kung Fu master of all time! Join Crazy Kung Fu to start your training, improve your reflexes, get fit, and become the ultimate Kung Fu force!

It won’t be easy, so keep your wits about you! As you climb the ranks and master new techniques, you’ll face increasingly difficult challenges that will push you to your limits—and help you discover new limits you didn’t know you had! You’ll grow stronger and healthier, move on instinct, and anticipate the action ahead of time—you’ll be unstoppable!

• Multiplayer: compete with other players worldwide!
• Use your hands and body to engage in unique reflex-based gameplay that will get your heart rate up and teach you new skills.
• Embark across 72 levels and 4 game modes, with high-level challenges and gameplay modifiers.
• See how well you performed after each level, with statistics on your range and accuracy, as well as your punch, dodge, and block counts. Target your weaknesses to push towards victory!
• Train in 6 stunning environments, including your own dojo and a tranquil bamboo forest, each with their own original and immersive soundtracks!
• Unlock new locations, bracers, achievements, and challenges.
• Challenge your friends and watch yourself climb up the live leaderboards as you play.
• Enjoy 90Hz (Quest 2).

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January 29, 2022


Really gets you working with your peripheral vision. Gets your reaction time up and makes you sweat. Great fun. Will be even better when VR has a leg option. Worth the money for sure if you like a little Kung Fu.

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