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April 2, 2021



Enhance VR offers a daily brain training workout of short, fun, and intense games designed by neuroscientists to test and train your cognitive skills, including:

1. Memory
2. Attention
3. Flexibility
4. Problem solving
5. Motor control
6. Spatial orientation
7. Information Processing

Play daily, or as frequently you can, and track your progress over time with reporting tools that let you know how your quality of sleep and moods affect your cognitive performance.

Start working out your brain today!

Disclaimer: as part of the registration process, we collect personal and demographic data that is in no shape or form used other than for research purposes. Our data collection policy is strictly compliant to GDPR and HIPAA privacy and security regulations, in which your personal data is anonymized and kept secure.

Enhance Version History: https://website.virtuleap.dev/changelog

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January 15, 2022


When I first show people the Quest I take them through the standard intro apps and then this. It’s a great introductory experience. Main issue I have is the log in process. Can you please make it so that you can easily switch between different accounts. My wife and son love this, but it’s a pain logging out and then having to put in full email addresses and passwords again and again. Also, make a guest account that doesn’t save progress. Or make it that you can reset your progress so everything is at zero and people can play for the first time on that account. Sending people straight into the pizza making game at my level is just stressful!