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January 24, 2023


Mindway VR

*A Better Way to Become a Better You*
Spark lasting change with Mindway, where your mental health & wellbeing goes on an immersive, magical journey upwards. Navigate negativity and nurture positivity, push past problems and pull in peace.

*Peace of Mind, Piece of Cake*
You’ll meditate, relax, talk and maybe even sleep your way through immersive landscapes and interactive exercises, uncovering that tranquility, self-awareness, connection, and happiness are, indeed, states of mind.

Here, science meets serenity, and you meet a better you.

*Bite Sized Bliss, Big Time Benefits*
We know you’re busy. That why Mindway is designed in little bites. Whether it’s a mindfulness meditation, ASMR experience, sleep story or community event, it'll help make good habits easy to form and even easier to maintain.

*Follow Your Guiding Star*
It will take you to happiness. Not the fleeting kind, but the deep, lasting happiness that comes from truly understanding and caring for your mind. We’ll keep checking in with you along the way.

*Download Now*
So come and join the thousands already unlocking their mental strength, and discover that your happiness is, as they say, a state of Mindway.

*Key Features*
Meditation courses in areas like confidence, anxiety management, and self-love
Daily Mindful Practices
Beautiful original soundtrack
Peer Support
"Digital Sleeping Pills"
Scientifically developed content
Updates Every Week

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