Epic Roller Coasters


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May 11, 2019


B4T Games

In Epic Roller Coasters you'll get the same feeling of real roller coasters in places and situations that probably you will never have in the real life! There are so many possibilities: magic, world of dinosaurs, haunted houses and so many others!

You'll find three different modes:
- Classic is where you, your family and friends can take a clasic roller coaster ride.
- Shooter mode is the perfect combination of two amazing universes! Roller coasters and shooting!
- Race mode: take the control of the cart on your own time or fast as possible challenging your friends for the best score!

Each roller coaster comes with a new cart and weapon.

Don't forget to call your friends to ride your favorites roller coasters with you. You can also compete to discover who will ride the roller coaster faster or collaborate in the shooter mode to hit as much targets as you can.

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