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March 7, 2023


Fountain Game Studio

Pressure Washer is a VR cleaning simulation game. If you facing any stress, anxiety, tension, and worried, why not try it out? You just need to grab your pressure washer and get on with it. Your goal is very straightforward, wash out all the dirty little things from the surface.

The modes you will love:
· Career: As a professional cleaner, the city needs your help to maintain cleanliness and tidiness. Level up your tools through the reward from each stage and be the savior of the city.
· Free play: Relax, unwind, and chill. Use different nozzles to spread your creativity on the surface and cleanse your mind, find your inner peace, and balance them.
· Fifteen different places to clean up
· Three types of tools to get the job done.
· Chill and Relaxation

Enjoy the game and wash all the stress away!!!

Feel free to join our official discord for more news: https://discord.gg/sYGjd4zxQs

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