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April 6, 2022


Pellas Innovation

Welcome to shooting at our friendly, target-rich farm! Try some of the weapons from the full game GUNS (handguns, rifle, and shotgun), toss a grenade or sneak with the suppressor!

The full game: www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/8960111530681079/ has 26 weapons including full auto, optics, suppressors, scarecrows that attack, and more!

Short and long ranges with:
- plinking targets,
- scoring targets,
- clay pigeons,
- some chickens,
- a scarecrow and a hog,
- a small 3-gun range,
and more!

Experimental option to support ForceTube force feedback hardware via Bluetooth.

Use the shot timer or shoot at leisure! Accurate ballistics (per ammunition type) and loading mechanics.

This free alpha demo includes a limited selection of guns and ammunition. Install size is around 125 MB. 120 Hz works on the Quest 2 and 3 if enabled there in Settings! All comments are welcome - see reddit.com/r/gunsgame for bug reports, ideas, or general questions!

Privacy note: the Meta store states that the app may access followers who also use the app. We do NOT do this - the only time user ID is used is for a link to see the full game in the Meta store. No user data is stored or transmitted by this app.

Older versions should still work on Quest 1.

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April 6, 2022


Quick to start and shoot a few mags. Graphics are simple but gun behaviour is pretty accurate. Good that you can move the clay pigeon launcher around (and shoot it to restart!) to set up new challenges.

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