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April 7, 2022


5D Realities

Glider Sim is a professional paragliding / paramotor simulator aimed at achieving realism of the actual sport. Jump into multiplayer and experience the sensation of free flight with your friends! You can core thermals up to the clouds with a paraglider or rush down steep cliffs in the speed wing!

The sim currently contains 2 sceneries: Sun Valley, ID, USA and Walenstadt Switzerland (Swiss Alps) with a 3rd scenery coming soon! Scenery is derived from real world satellite imagery and overlaid with high resolution textures and dense vegetation. One of the biggest open worlds on Quest! (50 km2)

Lots of attention went into the flight physics as well as the wind and thermal system. Set your launch point, glider, and flight condition. Use your VR controllers to grab the handles and lean forward to takeoff! Find ridge lift and thermals to stay airborne. You can toggle on and off wind visualization particles. Use the in-game Map / GPS to track your flight across the map.

Each cell of the glider is simulated and physics applied. You can do maneuvers such as wingovers, spirals, stalls, and swoops. Watch out and don't let your wing collapse!

Fly the scored challenges that help improve your flying and understand the basics of paragliding.

Be sure to share / rate if you enjoy so we can continue development!

(Important Note: Quest 1 users will no longer receive updates and multiplayer will no longer work after Jan 1, 2024. Future updates will be aimed at Quest 2 hardware and up.)

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April 18, 2022


When the weather is dim, throw on the SIM! Really, pretty cool though.

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