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February 23, 2022


immerVR GmbH

It is our goal to create the world's best immersive image viewer for VR180 and VR360 photos (2D & 3D). Watch your own photos inside our app. Create your own immersive galleries with sounds and SFX through the generator tool on our website and watch the results in our app.

We provide 50 immersive sample photos from various places around the world, e.g., Germany (Oktoberfest and castles), Japan and great beach locations. The examples are in VR180 & VR360 format and in low field of view 2D / 3D.

While we support images with automatic format detection for all kind of VR and regular cameras, we want to highlight the support for photos from the most recent cameras like QooCam EGO, Ricoh Theta, Insta360 One X2 and the VR180 photos taken from the Canon RF 5.2mm lens.

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March 29, 2022


Got the demo, worked nicely and then tried the full version to get my photos into it. Worked like a charm! Getting photos onto it is very straight forward (Whatever is in your "Pictures" folder on your Quests storage). Especially the VR format auto detection is key for me here, I do have a backlog of photos in various formats, vr360, vr180 3d, ... it is sooo much easier to use than other solutions as I am not constantly forced to select an image format. I am really looking forward to new features (like viewing from web urls, etc.), but I think this is still a great start. I did not yet checkout the online tool to create custom stories yet (so I will not rate it here). My nitpick: Actually the app does not really explain what the "easiest to use Virtual Reality Viewer" actually is about ... as said before, from my perspective the image format auto detection is THE killer feature. This should be made clearer (perhaps in the description?). PS I really love the "map" feature from the demo gallery, although I did not get around to testing this with my own pictures yet.

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