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July 1, 2021



Explore, share, and immerse with 3D images from your creativity and the Owl3D community.

With Owl3D, you can turn your favorite images into 3D with just a click and enjoy them in our fully immersive VR app. Beyond that, various 3D creations from our community are waiting for you to explore! Lay back and re-imagine content from all over the world!

Turn to 3D:
1. Sign up for the Owl3D account by visiting our website, [www.owl3d.com](http://www.owl3d.com/).
2. Upload your favorite images and videos.
3. Enjoy automatically-converted 3D content in the Owl3D VR app.

Join our online community: https://discord.gg/NP7rYC98bR.
Leave us feedback: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1NzpYHtpFL7Hdz8fP5bWIWA3QkuAndkkNrbE4EvUsZL8

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December 14, 2021


Update 12/14 - The developers were extremely fast at responding to my bug report and updated the app to work with the left controller! I tested it out and everything worked including navigation of the home screen and photos. Stellar support by the developers, I've updated my score to 5/5! The app is good and the ability to convert photos to 3D truly works. The problem is the app doesn't support the left controller. I can only use the left controller due to a stroke but the pointer doesn't appear on screen and the thumb stick does nothing, making it impossible to scroll photos or zoom. My request to the developer is try using your own app with the left controller to see the issues.

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