Moon VR Video Player


Release date

March 10, 2022



Play Everything:
All format support: Compatible with every video formats and every codec
High resolutions: UHD, 4K, 8K and 12K playback
All projection types: fisheye, cubemap, equirectangular and cinema
All stereo modes: 2D, 3D Side by Side, 3D Top Bottom, Flat, 180°, 190°, 200°, 220°and 360°

Useful Innovations:
USB Supported (FAT32 & NTFS)
DLNA: Browse and play video files on devices attached to your home network
Passthrough: Stay aware of your real-world surroundings while watching VR movies
Local streaming: Cablelessly watch videos stored on PC, Mac or other local devices (Download:
Custom environments: Watch videos while being immersed in a stunning sea view or starry sky.
Subtitle & tracks: Support multiple subtitles and audio tracks from external sources
Gallery: Automatically download metadata then match to each video file
Head tracking control: Control everything with your head alone, hands-free

Smooth and Stable:
Hardware acceleration: Accelerate your GPU hardware to unleash its full potential
Special algorithms: Made for each different formats, including 3D videos

Uninterrupted 3D Immersion:
Fix ghosting: Remove faulty ghosting in videos
Auto focus: Eliminate blur and double vision, including for closeups
Auto IPD adjustment: Headset settings automatically align with your interpupillary distance
Image distortion correction: Eliminate distortion by matching each video's stereo mode

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Oculus rating



March 15, 2022


maybe not the best video player in options, but image quality is even better than other popular video players in Quest. Good luck to the devs and hope they keep improving it!